About Reneé

Authentic, compassionate, gentle and kind, Reneé Moritz is fearless in showing how much she loves animals, and how they can teach us to give and receive unconditional love. She believes that our pets all have a mission. While historically able to help one another in the wild, they have become domesticated to embark on the higher purpose of helping us evolve.

Sometimes, it takes journeying through the wild to find peace and purpose; it takes walking through the depths of darkness to approach life with a light heart. Reneé knows this well, having treaded through tumultuous times for the first two decades of her life. Born in England to an American military father and British mother, she moved to the United States at the age of two, where her mother and step-brother soon split from her and her father. Within a few years of her parents’ divorce, her mother was killed in a car accident; and her childhood lightness, laughter, creativity and joy vanished. Her brother returned, and they moved to Spain where her father remarried. From the outside, Reneé lived as part of a family unit, but inside, she felt alone and misunderstood. She responded with rebellious behavior and bad grades, which were in turn met with punishment, as she was banished to her room for months at a time. Unable to cultivate relationships outside of school, she had very few friends…with the exception of her dog Duffy. Never judgmental or critical, Duffy was always there to support. For the first time in her life, Reneé experienced unconditional love – a love she needed to remember during some of the darkest periods of her life. More times than she cares to remember in her early adulthood, she came close to death at the hand of an abusive relationship…though something always pulled her back from the edge. Her dog Stormy rescued her, both of them fleeing the relationship with nothing more than the smiles on their faces.

As her heart opened once again, Reneé married and created a family of 7 dogs and 3 birds. One day, while trying to solve a “pack problem,” she sought out an animal communicator – a single act that forever changed her world. As she began to work more deeply with her family, she realized her own ability to communicate with animals; and when her trouble-making Weimaraner, Vegas, crossed over at the age of twelve, Reneé took her first animal communication class in hopes of staying connected. The experience opened a door that could never again be closed. Upon discovering her life’s purpose, the entirety of her dark childhood made sense; she realized how long she had been able to communicate with animals. As a child, countless people had commented on her ability to train and teach tricks to animals. She wrote poetry about and drew pictures of her four-legged friends, and there was a multi-dimensional depth to her understanding of their missions and who they were. Like watching a short film, she could clearly see all of the threads that connected her to the animal kingdom. She had found her true home. This connection was one that she wanted and needed to share with others, to help them understand what our pets are trying to tell us, and how they can assist with our personal healing, growth and transformation.


Angel Card Certification

Doreen Virtue

Spirit Connections (Course)

John Holland

Primordial Sound Meditation (Course)

Deepak Chopra

Level 2 Priestess (9-month Program)

Seven Sisters Mystery School

Communication with all Life University (1-year Certificate)

Joan Ranquet

Communication with all Life University (Teacher Training Program)

Joan Ranquet

Luminous Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine

The Four Winds Society – Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

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